200 seats for BJP in Bengal, says Amit Shah. Trinamool rejects


“If we work according to plan, the BJP will win over 200 seats,” said Amit Shah


200 out of 294 seats – that’s the target BJP leader Amit Shah has set for the party’s West Bengal wing ahead of the assembly elections in 2021.

Josh se nahi, hosh se kaam karo (work smart and not just enthusiastically), ”Shah told 250 board members at a party meeting at the end of his visit to Bankura today.

The immediate reaction of the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal came from Deputy Sougata Roy.

“They don’t have a chief ministerial candidate, they don’t have executives, they don’t have support. And as the election of Bihar will show, Prime Minister Modi’s charisma is fading. They have no hope in Bengal. It is that of Amit Shah. pipe dream, ”he said.

“In 2018, when I said the BJP would win 22 seats in Bengal, our opponents laughed at me. Even the leaders of my own party laughed at me. But we did,” Mr. Shah. “We got 18 seats and we lost 4 to 5 seats with only 2,000 to 3,000 votes.”


Hitting the podium on the Bankura stage, Mr Shah added: “But today I say this to Bankura that, with Birsa Munda’s blessing, the BJP will come to power with at least 200 seats.”

“Those who want to laugh about it – let them laugh. But if we work according to plan, the BJP will win more than 200 seats,” said the Union Home Minister.

Sources said there was a collective gasp at the site, followed by applause and cheers. Earlier today, Shah publicly asserted that the BJP would come to power in Bengal with a two-thirds majority. Two-thirds of 294, the seat strength of the Assembly of Bengal, is 196; the halfway point to win the assembly is 148.

According to BJP calculations, he won around 120 Assembly seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha election and confident leaders are saying they are ready for the giant leap.


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