1,340 fans made in India delivered to the United States, 14,000 more by the end of June: center


Out of 50,000 fans, 30,000 are manufactured by Bharat Electronics Ltd (representation)

New Delhi:

Nearly 3,000 of the 50,000 “ Made in India ” ventilators sanctioned by the PM CARES fund to help COVID-19 patients have been manufactured and more than 1,300 have been delivered to various states, a press release announced today.

On May 14, the PM CARES Fund Trust decided to allocate 3,100 crore rupees for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the amount was to be used, among other things, to buy ventilators and take care of migrant workers.

Of the 3,100 crore rupees, nearly 2,000 crore rupees were used to purchase 50,000 “Made in India” fans.

“To date, 2,923 fans have been manufactured, of which 1,340 fans have already been delivered to the United States,” the statement said.

By the end of this month, an additional 14,000 fans will be delivered to all states and the United States. The main recipients are Maharashtra (275), Delhi (275), Gujarat (175), Bihar (100), Karnataka (90), Rajasthan (75), according to the press release.

Of the 50,000 fans, 30,000 are manufactured by Bharat Electronics Ltd, a government enterprise.

The remaining 20,000 ventilators are manufactured by AgVa Healthcare (10,000), AMTZ Basic (5650), AMTZ High End (4000) and Allied Medical (350), the statement said.

Referring to the welfare of migrant workers, he said that Rs 1000 crore has already been released to states and UTs for the welfare of migrant workers.

Several special trains have transported hundreds of thousands of migrant workers to their countries of origin because they were unwilling to stay in cities, suggesting an uncertain future amid the pandemic. Several of them have traveled hundreds of kilometers to return to their places of origin.

The distribution of funds is based on the weight of the state’s population according to the 2011 census – weight of 50%, number of positive cases of COVID-19 to date – weight of 40% and equal share – weight of 10 % for all States to ensure a minimum basic sum for all. The funds were to be used to organize accommodation, food, medical care and transportation for migrants.

According to the press release, the main beneficiaries of the subsidy are Maharashtra (Rs 181 crore), Uttar Pradesh (Rs 103 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs 83 crore), Gujarat (Rs 66 crore), Delhi (Rs 55 crore), West Bengal (Rs 53 crore), Bihar (Rs 51 crore), Madhya Pradesh (50 crore), Rajasthan (Rs 50 crore) and Karnataka (Rs 34 crore).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the creation of the PM Fund for Citizen Assistance and Rescue in Emergencies (PM-CARES), where people can help help the government fight coronavirus and others Similar “distress situations”.

The trust was created on March 27 and is chaired by the Prime Minister. The other ex-officio members of the trust are the Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Finance.

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