104 candidates in Bihar receive a notice not to publish their criminal record


The electoral commission presented 104 candidates for not having published their criminal record


The Election Commission presented 104 candidates who were in the fray in the first phase of voting for the Bihar assembly for their inability to publish / disseminate even for once their criminal record in newspapers and electronic media, the director said general of state elections.

According to the order of the Supreme Court and the directive of the Election Commission, a candidate for election is required to publish / disseminate information about his criminal history, convicted or pending, three times in newspapers and electronic media during campaign, Chief Electoral Officer Additional (ACEO) Sanjay Kumar Singh told reporters. .

Out of 1,066 candidates who contested for 71 assembly seats in the first phase of voting held on October 28, 327 candidates have criminal records. A total of 104 of them did not comply with the directives and order of the Supreme Court.

They will be required to respond to the cause of the demonstration within 48 hours, failing which the Commission will take further action (against them), ACEO said.

An official statement said 105 cases had been recorded for misuse of headlights and flags, 35 for violating the loudspeaker law, 129 cases of illegal meetings, nine cases of giving improper advantages to voters and 155 Cases related to other matters have been filed since the model code of conduct went into effect on September 25, 2020.

He said 1,303 weapons and illegal weapons had been seized, while 24,468 licensed weapons had been deposited with authorities and 3,034 weapons licenses canceled. A total of 3,49,230 people were connected under the preventive sections of the CRPC.

Action was taken against 4,846 people and Rs 19.36 crore was seized during the vehicle check, the statement added.


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