10 out of 10 if you can caption these school photos better than Banita Sandhu


Banita Sandhu shared this photo (with permission banitasandhu)

Strong points

  • Banita Sandhu shared some back pics
  • The photos are from his school days
  • Banita Sandhu added a ROFL legend

New Delhi:

Actress Banita Sandhu, best known for her role in the 2018 film October, flipped through the pages of her school album and picked out some of her favorite Instagram photos while doing so. On Tuesday, Banita Sandhu shared a few photos featuring versions of a pint of herself in school uniforms – one of the photos also showcases Banita Sandhu of what appears to be her teenage years. The photos are proof that little Banita Sandhu in the photos may have grown up to be an actress, but her smile is still the same. The 22-year-old actress reworked the classic legend “Too cool for school” and personalized it in a ROFL style to describe her return photos. “Too much school to be cool,” is what it is in these photos, said Banita.

Here, take a look:

Meanwhile, Banita Sandhu’s Instagram is filled with memories of her childhood, especially with her father and sister Devina. Can you spot Banita Sandhu in this summer 2020 photo?

Here’s another tiny version of Banita Sandhu with a cry to her father: “Thanks for the pop genes – you’ll never let me forget where I got them from. LOL.”

We also spotted little Banita Sandhu in this birthday greeting for her sister from last year:

Banita Sandhu made her acting debut with Shoojit Sircar October, in which she co-starred with Varun Dhawan. Next year, Banita made her debut in Tamil cinema with Adithya Varma. Banita Sandhu also appeared in an American science fiction series Pandora and starred in the English film Eternal beauty Last year.


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