Worrisome state of women’s security in Uttar Pradesh: Priyanka Gandhi


Priyanka Gandhi has already attacked the government on the situation of law and order (File)

New Delhi:

Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday attacked the government of Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh over the state of women’s security and alleged that 13 horrific incidents of crimes against women took place last week.

She highlighted a picture of various incidents of crimes against women in Uttar Pradesh from October 9 to 15 and alleged that the BJP is protecting criminals, which has made women dangerous in the state.

“In the past week, 13 horrific crimes against women have occurred in the UP. According to reports, victims have been killed or victims have committed suicide in four of these incidents,” she said. in a tweet in Hindi. “This poor state of security for women is worrying. The chief minister does not have time to convene a ‘special session’ but his photo shoot is underway,” she also said with a shot. eye to the chief minister.

It has already attacked the government on the situation of law and order.

The secretary general of Congress, who is in charge of party affairs in Uttar Pradesh, has launched a major offensive against the government since the Hathras rape and murder case took place.

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