World Health Organization (WHO) Urges Respectful Speech on COVID-19 Amid “Kungsian Flu”


Trump has already called SARS-CoV-2 a “Chinese virus” (representational).


The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to avoid discrimination in discussions about the coronavirus, said Monday the executive director of the WHO health emergency management program, Michael Ryan.

During his rallies in the past two weeks, President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the new coronavirus responsible for lung disease COVID-19 “Kung Flu”.

“From WHO’s point of view, we obviously want to have an international discourse based on mutual respect. And, in this sense, we encourage all individuals at all levels and in all countries to use appropriate, respectful language and which has no negative connotations, “said Ryan during a virtual briefing when asked to comment on Trump’s” Kung Flu “remarks.

Trump has previously called SARS-CoV-2 a “Chinese virus”, which has been criticized.


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