When new daddy Sumeet Vyas got a ‘reality check’ from his 2 day old son


Sumeet Vyas shared this photo (courtesy sumeetvyas)

Strong points

  • Sumeet shared a video from just days after Ved was born
  • Sumeet can be seen sleeping Ved in the video
  • “When I was trying to gauge his future projects,” he wrote

New Delhi:

Actor Sumeet Vyas and his wife Ekta Kaul became parents of a son named Ved in June and filled their Instagram feed with baby memories. the Veere Di Wedding actor, on Sunday, time traveled two months ago when Ved was only two days old and stumbled upon a ROFL video from the hospital. Sumeet Vyas, known for his signature sense of humor, wrote about when he was busy thinking about Ved’s future plans and was brought back to reality by Baby Ved in the most unexpected ways. Sharing a video in which Sumeet Vyas can be seen putting Ved to sleep in the hospital room, the actor wrote: “When I was trying to gauge his future plans on day 2 in the hospital and he made me a reality check. ” For more clues, take a look at the emoji in Sumeet Vyas’ post:

That said, we got a glimpse of how Sumeet Vyas is “prepared” to set parenting goals in this video featuring her cat. We can’t even …

Meanwhile, Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul make sure baby Ved adapts to their “rustic parenting” style. Here is the proof.

Weeks after Ved was born, Sumeet Vyas introduced her baby to her Instafam with this post: “I don’t think I can ever take myself any credit if it turns out great. I’m sure he will, because she is definitely the most awesome mom I’ve seen. , after mine. They’re already a team and I’m just a comedic relief in their routine. “

Ekta Kaul and Sumeet Vyas got married in Jammu in 2018. The couple revealed their pregnancy in April of this year with adorable messages for each other.


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