West Bengal says Nirmala Sitharaman’s claims “unfounded”


Nirmala Sitharaman had attacked the government of Mamata Banerjee several times on Sunday.


West Bengal’s finance minister Amit Mitra said on Tuesday that his center’s counterpart, Nirmala Sitharaman, lied during his virtual rally on Sunday. Reacting to the minister’s remark that the state could not benefit from a central government program because it did not provide data on migrants, Mr. Mitra said he was shocked to have attacked Bengal on the basis for unfounded and erroneous information.

On Sunday, Ms. Sitharaman attacked the government of Mamata Banerjee several times. One of his main complaints was that Bengal had failed to provide data on how migrants returned to the state and in which districts. For this reason, she said, the state was not on Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan’s beneficiary list – a 50,000 rupee rupee program to help migrants earn a living.

Dr Mitra said that the Center Panchayat ministry had requested data on June 23 and 25 and that the state had sent the details within hours of being interviewed.

“What she said is – can you say – complete false information. If you want to be nice to her, you can say inaccurate, absolute and false information. If you want to be mean to her or simple, you you can say, these are lies. Get out of the Indian economy and its crisis abruptly to talk about a political process based on lies, “said Mr. Mitra.

“Yes, I can say it. Yes, I am shocked. Yes, she can criticize any state government on the database – tell the truth. In this case COVID-19 and Amphan attacking the West Bengal, one from a cyclone virus and others, she comes and makes politics of the worst kind, where you based yourself on the lie, the confusion and the denial of what is there . I am shocked, very disappointed, “he added.

Mr. Mitra also called on Ms. Sitharaman’s remark that the Center had provided 10,000 crores of Bengal Rs to fight the virus. “West Bengal has not received a single paisa,” he said.

At a virtual rally for the people of Bengal, the Union’s finance minister criticized chief minister Mamata Banerjee for “his reluctance to allow Shramik special train services in the state”.

“The government of West Bengal has opposed all policies favorable to the people of the Center … Six states have shared data on migrant workers after their return. However, West Bengal has not done so”, she said, according to the PTI news agency. .

The BJP attacked the government of Trinamool for its management of the coronavirus. He had previously stated that the state government had not provided specific data. Verbal exchanges also took place concerning the dispatch of a central team to Bengal to oversee the State’s fight against COVID-19.

Last month, during a meeting of chief ministers with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the pandemic, Banerjee accused the Center of being political and discriminating between states.


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