Vikas Dubey meets a car tempted to avoid cattle, overturned, then Vikas Dubey tries to escape: the cops


Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in a meeting after a road accident today


Hours after gangster Vikas Dubey was gunned down in what Uttar Pradesh police said was an escape attempt after an accident, the task force released its version of the incident which raised several questions .

Vikas Dubey, wanted for the murder of eight police officers a week ago, was taken to his hometown of Kanpur when his car was overturned on the wet road, said the UP Special Task Force (STF) ).

The car rolled over when the driver, “tired after a long journey” swerved to avoid a herd of cattle that had suddenly appeared on the road, the STF statement said.

Five police officers were seriously injured and dazed by the accident. “Cheeky criminal Vikas Dubey took advantage of the situation and snatched a gun from Inspector Ramakant Pachauri and ran to the kachcha road, “said STF.

Dubey bolted with a 9mm gun, he said.

The police in the other cars, after talking to the injured police in the SUV, ran after the criminal who, “with the intention of killing the police, fired a gun”. The STF said to make sure that Dubey was captured alive, the police approached Dubey but he fired indiscriminately at the police.

“The police team had no choice but to retaliate in self-defense. Dubey was injured and fell. After first aid, the police took him to a public hospital where he was pronounced dead. by the doctors, “said the STF.

Two police officers, Shivendra Singh Sengar and Vimal Yadav, injured by Dubey gunfire, are still at the hospital, the statement said.

According to the autopsy, Dubey had three gunshot wounds to the chest and one to his arm. The police were reportedly razed to the ground by bullets.

The statement does not answer several questions.

A few hours before the meeting, a video at a toll booth at 4 am showed Dubey in another car, not the one that overturned.

The media, who had followed the police convoy overnight, were arrested 2 km from the site of the incident.

It is unclear why a dangerous criminal charged in 60 cases, including the murder, was not handcuffed. Police say he managed to steal a gun, get out of an overturned car, and run.

A petition filed last night with the Supreme Court had asked for the protection of Dubey and an investigation by the CBI into the recent murders of several of his associates.


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