US presidential elections: my father’s relationship with Prime Minister Modi “incredible”: Donald Trump’s son


Donald Trump Jr said the reception his father received during his visit to India was “overwhelming”. (File)

New York:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump have an “incredible” relationship, US President Donald Trump Jr.’s son said, adding that the two leaders understand that India and America are together in a “big fight. against socialism and communism “which is spreading everywhere. the world.

Speaking to ANI on the sidelines of an event in Long Island, New York on Sunday, Trump Jr. recalled Donald Trump’s February visit to India, saying the reception his father received in India was ” absolutely overwhelming “.

Trump Jr is leading his father’s re-election campaign. The presidential elections in the United States are scheduled to take place on November 3.

“I think the relationship between my father, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is amazing. You know what I saw the welcome my father received in India a few months ago, it was was absolutely overwhelming, ”he said.

“And I think they understand that two democracies like this are together in a great fight against socialism and communism which is spreading all over the world, so it was an honor to watch it. I love that ‘they have a great relationship and a powerful relationship that will benefit both of our countries in the future, ”he added.

Trump Jr was attending an event celebrating the success of his book “Liberal Privilege”. The event was held exclusively for the Native American community in New York on Sunday night.

In his book “Liberal Privilege,” he documented allegations of corruption against the family of Joe Biden, 77, particularly against his son Hunter Biden.

Al Mason, a friend and supporter of the Trump family, also co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee had organized the event. Prominent members of the Native American community like Dr. Raj Biyani and Dr. Shoba Shalani Chokkalingam were also present at the event.

When asked how his book would resonate particularly among the Native American community, Trump Jr said American Indians understand hard work, but hypocrisy as well.

“Indian Americans understand hard work, but they also understand hypocrisy. They see what is happening in America, as people have turned a blind eye to violence, looting, the destruction of businesses and their families, and the education of our children, “he said.

“And they did it under the watch of the Democrats. I think it highlights all the things and the corruption that plagued India for so many years, and it’s happening with the Biden family. And so that person could being the next president of the United States, I think the hypocrisy will ring out. I think people will understand what we are really fighting for in this election, “he added.

Speaking at the event, Trump Jr said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was not good for India because he could be gentle on China,

“We have to understand the threat from China and probably no one knows it better than the Indo-Americans,” said Trump Jr.


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