UP Princess’s photo removed from Shanghai restaurant menu after family objected


According to the complainant, the restaurant did not authorize the use of the photo. (Representation)


A popular Indian restaurant in Shanghai has withdrawn its menu card containing photographs of a former Indian princess from Uttar Pradesh following a complaint filed by her family at the Indian Embassy in Beijing.

The photos of Princess Mehrunnisa Khan, daughter of the late Nawab of Rampur Syed Raza Ali Khan, were printed on the menu of the restaurant in the eastern Chinese metropolis to highlight the cultural context of Mughlai cuisine.

The restaurant immediately replaced the menu after the Indian consulate in Shanghai seized Princess Nawab Kazim Ali’s close relative’s complaint from the restaurant owner, Indian officials said.

According to the complainant, the restaurant did not take the Rampur Nawab family’s permission to use the photos. The photos have been disparagingly used, which constitutes a total invasion of the princess’s privacy.

“The problem is resolved. The restaurant immediately agreed to replace the menu card and his family was informed,” said an Indian official in Shanghai.

The restaurant owner could not be reached for comment.

According to various reports, Ms. Mehrunnisa, 87, currently lives in the United States.

Rampur, which is in Uttar Pradesh, was a princely state of British India. It merged with independent India in 1949. Titles like Nawab were no longer recognized by the government after the abolition of the princely states in 1971.


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