Union health minister Harsh Vardhan says doctors are our real heroes


Harsh Vardhan stressed the importance of understanding the responsibilities of doctors

New Delhi:

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Wednesday expressed his deep gratitude to the doctors for their selfless service during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying “they are our real heroes”.

On National Physicians Day, Mr. Vardhan also published a manual of good clinical practice and a prospectus program for bursaries for international students (FPIS) from the National Board of Examinations (NBE).

Urging the medical community to commit to ethical behavior in his profession, he said, “The manual of good clinical practice is an attempt to provide benchmarks to all National Council resident diplomats (DNB) for that they respect the expected principles of ethical and professional conduct. by a health professional. The exercise is aimed at the safety of doctors and patients. “

He stressed the importance of understanding their roles and responsibilities as a “ good clinical practitioner ” during the formative years of training DNB residents, the Union’s Department of Health said in a statement.

The National Examinations Council was established in 1975 as a wing of the National Academy of Medical Sciences and has been conducting postgraduate medical examinations at the national level since 1976, the ministry said.

Mr. Vardhan also published the scholarship program for international students (FPIS), a prospectus for 2020-2021, in 11 specialties from 42 institutions, the ministry said.

“This is the first time that the international scholarship program has been launched for international students from all countries, including ASACR countries, at Post MD or MS level through a common entrance test scholarships and would greatly enhance the prestige of the country in the international medical sphere, “he said.

Congratulating the doctors, Mr. Vardhan paid tribute to Dr. B C Roy, in whose honor the country celebrates July 1 as National Doctors Day.

“Becoming a doctor is a personal achievement, becoming a good doctor is an ongoing challenge. It is the only profession where you can earn a living every day and serve all of humanity at the same time,” he said. .

The Minister also expressed his deep gratitude to the physicians for their selfless service during the COVID-19 pandemic. “They are our real heroes,” said Mr. Vardhan.

Regarding the structure of the course, he said that the flagship programs of the National Board of Examinations (NBE) are offered in 82 disciplines and sub-specialties of modern medicine, which includes the DNB program in 29 general programs, 30 super specialties and the scholarship program in 23 subspecialties through 703 private and government institutions.

“The NBE encourages the government, the PSU, municipal hospitals and the private sector across the country to launch the DNB program to bridge the gap in specialists in the country by increasing the number of postgraduate places using infrastructure and existing clinical resources, “said Mr. Vardhan. as saying in a statement.

The Council was registered as an autonomous organization under the Union Ministry of Health in 1982 for the purpose of conducting high level reviews in the field of modern medicine all over India, to formulate requirements basic training for eligibility, to develop a postgraduate training program and accreditation of the institutions where this training is provided.

Registered students are called Diplomates of National Board (DNB).


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