Uddhav Thackeray Says Lockout Is Not Re-enforced in Maharashtra


“Take care of the elderly and children and leave home only when necessary”: Uddhav Thackeray


Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray said on Sunday that despite his progress in fighting COVID-19, the crisis was not yet over and urged the people of the state to abide by the rules and guarantee that the lock is not re-imposed.

“Over the past 15 days, we have cautiously and gradually started to reopen stores and offices, we have [train] services for essential staff in Mumbai and small businesses and businesses in rural parts of the state, but the pandemic is still hanging over our heads. It is not because we are slowly starting the economy that the danger is avoided. I ask you not to retire unless you have the necessary work, “said Thackeray.

“Even if I don’t use the term lockdown, don’t get me wrong and let your guard down. In fact, we have to be more disciplined,” he added.

“We cannot leave this war halfway in this final phase. The crisis is not over yet. I am sure you will continue to cooperate with the government to ensure that the lock-up is not re-imposed”, did he declare.

Shiv Sena chief said Maharashtra case numbers may increase as state resumes economic activity after three-month blockage, but state will follow Chase the Virus strategy by increasing testing and the preventive measures that helped slow the surge in Mumbai.

“Tests and test centers are on the increase. Rapid test kits are used to carry out tests,” he said, also asking those who have recovered to come forward and donate their blood plasma. contains antibodies that can help heal those fighting the disease. .

Thackeray said he also wanted to thank all religious communities for showing restraint during the foreclosure which included several festivals.

“Soon Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated and I asked the Ganesh Mandals to limit the height of the idol to four feet. This will help maintain social distance because the biggest idols need more hands to move it”, a he declared.

“This year, the Warkaris have also been patient in celebrating the Wari in a low voice. When I travel to Pandharpur as your representative, I will ask Lord Vithoba to show his power to destroy Corona and secure a world disease free “. he added.

“Likewise, I would like to thank Dahi Handi Mandals for canceling the Dahi Handi festival of their own free will,” said the chief minister.


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