Uber wins call for new operating license in London


Uber has 3.5 million customers and 45,000 drivers in the UK capital (file)

London, United Kingdom:

US cycling giant Uber on Monday won an appeal to operate in London after a judge ruled it was a “healthy” company despite security concerns.

The company succeeded in overturning Transport for London’s (TfL) refusal last year to renew its operating license on security grounds.

Uber – which has 3.5 million customers and 45,000 drivers in the UK capital – has been allowed to continue operating during the appeal process.

“Despite their historic failures, I now find them fit to hold a PHV (private rental vehicle) operator’s license in London,” said Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram, sitting in a central London court.

The judge has not yet determined the conditions and duration of the permit.

In November last year, TfL argued that there was a “model of breakdowns” including the use of unauthorized drivers.

Some trips have taken place with unlicensed, suspended or dismissed drivers, depending on the authority.

Ikram said on Monday that the company appeared to be addressing those concerns.

He acknowledged that Uber has tightened its review processes when it comes to document fraud and insurance issues.

“Uber doesn’t have a perfect record, but the situation has improved,” Ikram said.

“The test of whether Uber is a ‘fit and suitable person’ does not require perfection.

“I have no doubts that they are doing what one would expect from a reasonable company in their industry, maybe even more.”

Uber’s operation in London has already suffered license suspensions in addition to protests from traditional black cab drivers in the capital.

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