Tulsi Kumar’s sister Khushali Kumar presents her next Ishq Khuda Hai


Khushali Kumar is Tulsi Kumar’s sister

Strong points

  • Tulsi Kumar sang a few lines in ‘Ishq Khuda Hai’
  • ‘Ishq Khuda Hai’ inspired by the poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah Fakir
  • It will be released on the T-Series YouTube channel on August 6.

New Delhi:

Actor-model-fashion designer Khushali Kumar wears many hats. It was only recently that she wrote a touching and stimulating poem Normal days which resonated with the public in these difficult times.

The versatile artist has now come out with a special musical poetry titled Ishq Khuda Hai inspired by Baba Bulleh Shah Fakir’s everlasting sayings on sublime spiritual poetry. Bulleh Shah was a Sufi poet and philosopher and universally regarded as the “father of Punjabi enlightenment”.

As Khushali recited the poem she wrote during the lockdown, her sister, popular singer Tulsi Kumar, sang a few lines in Ishq Khuda Hai. Musical poetry is an inspiring love ballad of hope that remains relevant today.

Regarding the musical poem, Khushali Kumar says, “Baba Bulleh Shah Fakir’s words are relevant even after a century for all who fall in love. Just like oxygen and food, love is also essential for us, even if our painful past holds. We are coming back to find love again. Poetry conveys our journey through passionate and turbulent relationships to find love in our lives. Sometimes the beautiful words of our elders like the lines of Baba Bulleh Shah Fakir in Ishq Khuda Hai guide us and become our inner voice. “

This musical poetry will air on the T-Series YouTube channel on August 6.


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