Tribute to Sikh Rajinder Singh, 73, for fundraising for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom


Rajinder Singh has collected more than 12,000 books for NHS charities


British Sikh, who became a social media star as a “skeptical Sikh” after agreeing to jump in and raise money for the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) during the coronavirus lockdown, received Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s honor points.

Rajinder Singh, 73, of Harlington, West London, started filming exercise videos earlier this year, gathering more than 250,000 viewers on YouTube, encouraging people to stay active and raising more than 12 000 pounds for NHS charities.

“Your” Skipping Sikh “fitness videos have helped the thousands of people around the world who have watched online and participated in your daily exercise with you, and have provided an ingenious way to bring together and energize the Sikh community at a time when the temples were closed, “said Boris Johnson in a personal letter to Mr. Singh.

“I wanted to write personally to thank you for all you do to support our amazing NHS, and encourage the nation to pick up their jump ropes and keep their spirits up by taking on your challenge of skipping the lock,” he said. declared.

The award, in recognition of Mr. Singh’s fundraising efforts and the dissemination of the simple message of “health is wealth” and “staying active and staying happy”, marks the 1,410th of these awards.

Points of Light are exceptional individual volunteers and people who make a difference in their community, who are honored weekly by the Prime Minister for recognizing their inspiring volunteer work.

“I am truly honored to have received the Points of Light Award. I love serving others – it’s part of who I am as a Sikh,” said Singh.

“I never thought that something like jumping would inspire the world and spread smiles. I am truly grateful for the support and recognition,” he said.


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