TMC government assassinated the rule of law in Bengal


Tejasvi Surya said that the “most corrupt government in the country” is in West Bengal.


BJP National President Yuva Morcha Tejasvi Surya on Thursday criticized the West Bengal government for “the brutal attack” on BJP activists on their march to the Secretary of State and said
it was a “dark day when the rule of law was assassinated” in the state.

Mr Surya, the BJP MP from Bengaluru South, also called for an Home Office investigation into blue-colored water sprayed on party activists during the rally, calling it “a flagrant violation of human rights. man”.

“Today is a dark day. The TMC government has assassinated the rule of law in the state. The way in which our cadres and leaders have been mercilessly attacked and beaten by the police is unprecedented. Don’t we have the right to hold a peaceful rally as it is? ”He said at a press meeting here.

The lawmaker has said he will travel to Bengal again and stage democratic protests to ensure TMC is defeated in assembly polls scheduled for April-May next year.

Mr Surya said the “most corrupt government in the country” is in West Bengal, where unemployment is rising due to “trade union and monetary government”.

“In the past two years, more than 120 workers from BJP and BJP Yuva Morcha have been brutally murdered in the state. If a young man speaks out against it, he is murdered.

“This is my first protest and we (BJP) will not stop until this government (TMC) is in power,” he said.

BJP State President Dilip Ghosh alleged that TMC in police disguise threw bombs at BJP cadres and questioned whether the pandemic law only comes into effect when the opposition is running an agenda Politics.

“The pandemic law only comes into effect when the BJP plans to hold a rally or program.” When TMC organizes gatherings and meetings, no rules apply. Bombs were thrown at our party cadres, the police ruthlessly beat our leaders and cadres with the intention of killing them. “, He alleged.

Asked about the arrest of a BJP activist with a loaded handgun during the protest march in Howrah, Ghosh said he was a personal security guard for a BJP leader and was wearing a licensed weapon.

“The TMC and some people are trying to slander us by using this incident,” he said.

TMC leaders accused the Saffron camp of trying to “spark anarchy and community riots” in the state.

“The BJP has proven today again that it is an unruly party. Can you show me a political rally where activists are found carrying guns? The BJP should explain why its activist carried guns. He wants to fuel riots in the state, ”said top TMC leader and minister Firhad Hakim.

Reacting to allegations that water containing chemicals was sprayed on BJP activists, West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay said it was the same blue color used during Holi. Spraying colored water during such agitation is an international practice for identifying persons after dispersions.

Police personnel in riot gear detonated tear gas canisters, beat up agitators and used water cannons to interrupt protests which continued in the towns of Kolkata and Howrah for more than three hours.

Parts of both towns looked like a combat zone on Thursday as workers and BJP supporters clashed with police, threw stones and blocked roads with burning tires to protest the killing of party workers saffron.

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