“This is a sad picture”, writes the director of Mr. India Shekhar Kapur


Saroj Khan from Mr india sets (courtesy shekharkapur)

New Delhi:

shekharkapur) “target =” _ blank “> Saroj Khan’s legacy includes several iconic Bollywood dance numbers with Sridevi and the song Hawaii hawai of Mr india is undoubtedly among them. Saroj Khan’s death prompted Mr india director Shekhar Kapur to take a trip to the past and dig up a “sad” memory of when Hawaii hawai was filmed many years ago. The photo features shekharkapur) “target =” _ blank “> Saroj Khan, who died on Fridayand Sridevi, whose tragic death shocked the film’s fraternity in 2018. Explaining the events in the photo, Shekhar Kapur wrote: “She was not only a genius for movement. She was a genius for expressions. Here, she explains to Sridevi how the choreography and expression were part of the same movement. “Sridevi shared the spotlight with Anil Kapoor in Mr india – he played the role of titular.

“It’s a sad photo. Shot on the sets of the famous number Hawaii hawai“, Added Shekhar Kapur and then shared his memory of Saroj Khanas he remembered her Mr india sets: “Saroj Khan would be seated in a chair. Laugh. Share jokes with the members of the ensemble. Suddenly the music would start. All eyes would turn to Saroj. She would smile at Sridevi. And dance. And it would transform. We would be hypnotized. It was surely another being. His ability to be so fluid with his belied belief. And then, as she finished showing us the choreography, we couldn’t all help but applaud. “

Saroj Khan answered Shekhar Kapur’s calls at 4 a.m., said, “When did she ever sleep? When did she ever rest? I would call her at 4 a.m. to talk to her about “a shot (I’m famous for that). And she was talking through the plan. We were going to rehearse at 6 am. When did she ever rest? When did she stop smiling?”

Shekhar Kapur added what made Saroj Khan a legendary choreographer: “With Saroj Khan went the Indian style of body movement. His choreography defined the Indian woman in all its forms.”

“Goodbye Saroj ji. Goodbye, you, incredible force of nature,” wrote Shekhar Kapur in his note to Saroj Khan.

Saroj Khan also choreographed Sridevi in ​​songs such as Kaate Nahi Kat Te of Mr india, Main Naagin Tu Sapera of Nagina and Mere Haathon Mein of Chandni.


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