The Indian counter COVID-19 crosses the 7 Lakh mark with more than 22,000 cases in 24 hours


COVID-19 cases India Updates: India has crossed 7 cases of lakh coronavirus.

New Delhi:

Coronavirus India Live Updates: the number of COVID-19 in India rose to 719,665 Tuesday with a one-day increase of 22,252 cases, while the number of deaths climbed to 20160, with 467 deaths in the past 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

India now only counts the United States and Brazil in the number of COVID-19 cases and it has recorded eight times more cases than China, where the virus was first identified in late 2019. But its death rate per 10,000 people is still low 0.15, against 3.97 in the United States and 6.65 in the United Kingdom, according to a report by Reuters.

Here are the updates on the cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in India

Coronavirus News: US Provides $ 1.6 Billion To This Company For COVID-19 Vaccine
The United States announced Tuesday that it is allocating $ 1.6 billion for the development and manufacture of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate produced by biotechnology company Novavax, the largest amount awarded under the Operation Warp Speed, reports AFP.
COVID-19 News: Dharavi, a cluster of coronaviruses from Mumbai, reports only one new case
From a coronavirus cluster to a successful containment model, the Mumbai slum, Dharavi, has come a long way in its fight against the pandemic. The 2.5 square kilometer area which gathers nearly 6.5 lakh people on Tuesday reported a single new case, approaching the flattening of the curve as the capital of Maharashtra continues to record steady growth COVID-19 figures. Read here
2,008 new COVID-19 cases bring Delhi to 1,022,831
Delhi on Tuesday registered 2,008 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the count in the city to more than 1.02 lakh, while the number of deaths due to the disease rose to 3,165, according to authorities.
Fifty deaths have been recorded in the past 24 hours, according to the Delhi Health Service bulletin.

On June 23, the national capital reported the highest peak in a day of 3,947 to date.

However, in the past few days, the number of new cases has fluctuated, not showing any particular trend in the numbers.

The number of cases notified from June 28 to July 6 is June 28 (2889), June 29 (2084), June 30 (2199) and July 1 (2442), July 2 (2373), July 3 (2520), July 4 (2,505), July 5 (2,244) and July 6 (1,379), with a steady increase in the number of deaths.

The death toll from COVID-19 in Delhi was 3,115 on Monday.

Tuesday’s bulletin said the number of deaths from coronavirus infection has risen to 3,165 and the total number of cases has risen to 1,022,831. Read


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