The BJP wants to replace the Constitution with its manifesto: Mehbooba Mufti


Ms Mufti criticized the BJP for allegedly desecrating the Constitution (File)

New Delhi:

On Friday, the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti, denounced the BJP, saying the party had “demolished” the country’s constitution and wanted to replace it with its manifesto.

In her first interaction with the media in more than 14 months after the section 370 provision was repealed in August last year and her subsequent detention, she said opposition parties in the country, with the exception of a few, had remained silent on the matter thinking that it had happened in Kashmir and not with theirs.

“But then the BJP demolished the same Constitution, the BJP passed the citizenship amendment law and polarized the people. Then it made an anti-farmer law and now I think they’re going to steal them. rights of oppressed communities like the Dalits, ”she said. .

“They want to replace the country’s constitution with the BJP manifesto, but it won’t work. So many people like Pharaoh and Hitler have come, but this dictatorship will not work,” said the former chief minister.

Ms. Mufti said the BJP does not want the people of Jammu and Kashmir and is only after their “territory”.

“The people of Jammu and Kashmir are replaceable for them, what they want is the land. They had that territory rightly until August 5, 2019, but then they broke a relationship whereby we had entered into a membership with them, ”she said.

Ms. Mufti criticized the BJP for allegedly desecrating the Constitution and “plundering” the dignity of the people by revoking their special status.

“We had entered a liberal, democratic and secular India. Let me tell them that we are not comfortable, that we are incompatible with today’s India where minorities and Dalits are not. not safe and where they tried to disrespect us by plundering our dignity. They will think, if not today, tomorrow, that this country will function on the Constitution of India and not on the manifesto of the BJP “, a she said.


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