Silent demonstration by Shivraj Chouhan today against Kamal Nath Item Note against Imarti Devi


“It is an insult not only to Imarti Devi but also to the girls of Madhya Pradesh,” he said. (File)


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today declared a “silent protest” against former chief minister Kamal Nath’s “dot” remark against a female congressional leader who has switched to BJP. Mr. Chauhan said he would observe a two-hour “Maun Vrat” as “penance for the act of Kamal Nath” in the state capital, Bhopal.

On Sunday, while addressing a campaign meeting in Dabra, where the BJP lined up Imarti Devi, Mr Nath said the congressional candidate was a “simple person”, unlike her BJP rival, and called it a “point”. “Why should I take the name (of the opposing candidate)? You all know that person better than I do. What a subject,” Mr Nath said amid cheers from the crowd who shouted “Imarti Devi” as the remarks were made. do.

Imarti Devi was among 22 congressmen who left the party earlier this year and moved to the BJP, which led to the collapse of Kamal Nath’s government. Bypasses are taking place next month in ridings that became vacant after the change.

Mr Nath’s comments against Ms Devi created an uproar among BJP leaders who accused the congressional leader of having a “feudal frame of mind.”


Shivraj Chouhan will observe a two hour “Maun Vrat” in the state capital of Bhopal.

The chief minister led the attack, saying the comment showed “the twisted and contemptible mentality of Congress”.

“This is an insult not only to Imarti Devi, but also to the girls and sisters of Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath uses reprehensible words for a girl who has served in Congress for so long. It is a country where the Mahabharat has took place when Draupadi was not respected. People will not tolerate him. Shame on him, “Chouhan said, quoted by the ANI news agency.

“I am saddened by the fact that the former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh used derogatory words for our current minister who has served Congress for years, who has gone from being a worker to being a minister,” a- he added.

Imarti Devi also criticized Kamal Nath for the comment, making it as much caste as an insult to women. “What is my fault that I was born into a poor family? What is my fault if I belong to Dalits? I want to appeal to Sonia Gandhi, who is also a mother, so that she does not keep such people in her party. If such words will be used for women then how can a woman move forward? “she told ANI news agency.

This morning, BSP chief Mayawati also objected to the remark and asked Congress for a public apology. “The extremely anti-women remarks made by a top Congress leader and former CM about Dalit women running for by-elections at the Dabra Reserve Assembly headquarters in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh are shameful and extremely condemnable. Realizing this, the Congressional high command should publicly apologize, ”the BSF chief.

A BJP delegation met officials from the Election Commission in Bhopal and complained against Mr. Nath for “insulting women and Dalits”.

Bypasses for 28 Madhya Pradesh assembly seats will take place on November 3 and the results will be announced on November 10.

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