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Happy Durga Puja: Greetings on Shubho Saptami today! (Photo: Ujaan Banerjee)

Today is Durga Saptami, the second day of Durga Puja 2020. Maa Durga is here with Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesha. Early in the morning of Saptami, Kola Bou Snan or Nabapatrika is the main ritual. It symbolizes abundance, peace and prosperity. The nine plants of Nabapatrika represent the nine avatars of the goddess Durga. Significantly, Nabapatrika is very popular among the farmers of rural Bengal and on this day they pray for a good harvest. Durga Puja also coincides with the nine-day Navratri. Even though the festivities are low-key due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people meet and greet each other on online platforms. Many Durga Puja organizers went live on Facebook during the main rituals to share the puja atmosphere.

Happy Durga Puja: Know Nabapatrika on Saptami

Nabapatrika plants include banana, pomegranate, ashoka, colacassie, turmeric, Bel or wood apple, Arum plant, rice plant and jayanti plant.

  • Banana representing the goddess Brahmani
  • The pomegranate represents Raktadantika
  • The Ashoka tree symbolizes Sokrahita
  • The Colacassia plant represents Kalika
  • The turmeric plant symbolizes Maa Durga
  • Jayanti means Kartiki
  • Bel or wooden apple represents the goddess Shiva
  • The Arum plant represents Chamunda
  • Rice plant represents Lakshmi

Image Durga Puja 2020: One of the first ‘Kola Bou Snan’ rituals on Saptami (file photo)

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  • May Maa Durga make all your wishes come true. I wish you a pleasant and safe Durga Puja! Shubho Saptami!
  • Celebrate Durga Puja with your family and friends at home this year. May the goddess protect you. Happy Durga Puja 2020!
  • I wish you lots of love and laughter this Durga Puja! Have a happy! Shubho Saptami!

Happy Durga Puja: ‘Barir Pujo’ or Durga Puja made by a family in Calcutta

  • Enjoy the Durga Puja festivities with your near and dear ones. I wish you happy holidays! Shubho Saptami!
  • May the blessings of Goddess Durga shine upon you. Happy Durga Puja 2020!
  • I wish you much success and glory this Durga Puja! Shubho Saptami!

Happy Durga Puja: Alpana or designs with rice powder and water and a must for Maa Durga

  • I wish you and your family a blessed and very pleasant year ahead. Happy Durga Puja!
  • On the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, may our hearts be filled with gratitude and love for one another. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Happy Durga Puja! May this fall festival bring joy to everyone’s life! Shubho Saptami!

Happy Durga Puja: Maa Durga in the traditional “ Daker Saaj ”

  • I wish you a beautiful Durga Puja, full of joy and prosperity. Best wishes for Durga Saptami
  • May Maa Durga make all your wishes come true. I wish you a happy Durga Puja!
  • Pray that the Goddess will protect you and guide you wherever you go. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Stay safe and have fun with your family and friends on Durga Saptami!
  • I wish Maa Durga brings you good luck and eternal blessings. Happy Durga Puja!

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