Shivraj Singh Chouhan attacks Kamal Nath


Shivraj Chouhan said Kamal Nath destroyed the state. (FILE)


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Monday that Congress leader Kamal Nath had withdrawn crucial projects launched by the Bharatiya Janata party government in the state. He also listed the “sins” committed by the former chief minister.

“Today Kamal Nath made newspaper ads saying, ‘What sin have I committed? Kamal Nath ji, you have sinned. You said you would forfeit all farmers’ loans, but you missed a lot You handed out false certificates. Ordinary farmers, who were paying their loans, did not pay in the hope of giving up and they defaulted because of it. Now they’re under an interest charge, which I’ll take away from them, “Chouhan said.

Mr. Chouhan also accused Kamal Nath of stopping the development of the state and of making Madhya Pradesh a brokerage market.

“You snatched the children’s laptops that brought good numbers to class 12, and the 5,000 rupees we paid the poor for the funeral, you snatched that money from the poor. You have stopped the development of the state. You have converted Madhya Pradesh into a brokerage market, ”the Chief Minister said.

Mr. Chouhan further said that the former head of miners destroyed the state and that he will have to pay for his sins.

“The 5,000 rupees we paid for the funeral, you took money from the poor. We used to organize the pilgrimage for the elderly, you put an end to this plan. How many sins can I say, you destroyed Madhya Pradesh, it was your sin and you have to pay the same penalty, ”added the Chief Minister.

The statement came a day before voting on 28 assembly seats is expected to take place at polling stations in Madhya Pradesh. Results will be announced on November 10. By-elections are scheduled for 28 seats following the resignation of 25 MPs and the deaths of three lawmakers earlier.

By-ballots were required after 22 congressmen resigned from the State Assembly in March this year, paving the way for BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan to take the post of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for the fourth time.

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