Share some articles with you, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recaps Vikas Yatra on his website


Coronavirus: Prime Minister Narendra Modi organizes videoconferences on the pandemic

New Delhi:

One year after his second term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today tweeted a series of articles that focus on political decisions made by the National Democratic Alliance or NDA government after coming to power in 2014 .

“I was browsing some of the articles on the Vikas Yatra section. I congratulate all the volunteers who created this section and created various content which gives a complete picture of the work accomplished by the central government. I also share a few articles with you, “Prime Minister Modi tweeted on a day when a long letter written by him to the nation in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic was published.

Vikas Yatra“(development trip) is a section of PM Modi’s personal website that details key decisions and their impact on various sectors.

“India is extremely proud of our farmers. They work day and night to feed the nation. We are energizing the agricultural sector with reforms and measures that improve the lives of farmers, secure better markets and eliminate the role of middlemen” , Prime Minister Modi tweeted. as well as a link which leads to a page dedicated to autonomous agriculture.

He also shared a link on health care, a key issue in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the country reporting the largest day-long jump in the number of new coronavirus patients and those who have died. India has registered 7,964 new cases and 265 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 1,733,763 cases, according to data shared by the Ministry of Health this morning.

“In the times to come, health care will become even more important. We in India have worked to create a system where the poor have access to quality and affordable health care,” PM Modi tweeted. .

Moving on to other sectors, the Prime Minister shared details of India’s approach to defense self-sufficiency.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged everyone around the world. Naturally, India is also affected … The nations that influence the direction of global geostrategic policy are autonomous in terms of Defense. Self-sufficiency is key to emerging as a global, “said the defense article on Prime Minister Modi’s website.

In today’s letter, Prime Minister Modi placed his hopes for economic recovery on the “strength of 130 crores of Indians” and said that they could “surprise and inspire the world“.


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