Salman Khurshid attacks Kapil Sibal


New Delhi:

Congressman Salman Khurshid joined forces with Kapil Sibal and other critics within the party who pushed for a change in leadership, with a long Facebook post. Beginning with the couplets of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor, he urged critics to look for the flaws in themselves, and argued that “If the mood of the electorate resists the liberal values ​​we espouse and darling, we should be ready for a long struggle rather than looking for shortcuts to return to power. “

“Being excluded from power should not be casually embraced in public life, but if it is the result of principled policy, it should be accepted with honor … If we are explicitly or implicitly willing to compromise with our principles to regain power, we could well pack our bags, ”said his message.

Without naming Kapil Sibal, who made his criticisms public after the election results in Bihar, Mr Khurshid wrote that “a periodic reassessment and rewriting of strategy and logistics” is needed, it cannot be carried out on media so that opponents can “verify mating quickly.”

In an interview with the Indian Express, Mr Sibal said he was forced to make his views public because “there has been no dialogue and it appears that there is no effort to a dialogue on the part of the leaders “.

“The time for soul-searching is over. We know the answers. Congress must be courageous and ready to recognize them,” Sibal told The Indian Express, highlighting a series of setbacks in the states. Before Bihar, there had been Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, where the party is seen to have ground support.


Declaring that the party must “recognize that we are in decline”, he said the need of the hour is to have a conversation “with experienced minds, experienced hands, with people who understand the political realities of the world. ‘India, people who know what and how to articulate in the media, people who know how to get people to listen to them’.

His public criticism has been strongly condemned by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot.

“It was not necessary for Mr. Kapil Sibal to mention our internal problem in the media, it hurt the feelings of party workers across the country,” Mr. Gehlot tweeted.


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