Sachin team pilot posts video of Rajasthan MPs supporting him


The Sachin Pilot camp did not disclose where he was shot.

New Delhi:

A video of fifteen assembled deputies was broadcast by the Sachin Pilot camp, which is at the heart of the political crisis facing the Congress in Rajasthan. The Deputy Chief Minister, who openly rebelled against his party, said yesterday that he has the support of 30 members of Parliament.

Although Mr. Pilot is not seen in the video, some Members of Parliament can be seen facing the camera. Mr. Pilot’s camp did not disclose where he was shot.

The 42-year-old man, whose hostilities with his boss, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, recently overflowed, has been camping in Delhi since Saturday.

Pilot said yesterday that he had the support of 30 MPs and said that Gehlot’s government is now in the minority.

Congress initially declared that Mr. Pilot had the support of 16 deputies. Tonight, they revised the number to 10 or 12.

This morning, 12 members of Congress were absent from a meeting held in Jaipur by Mr. Gehlot. After the meeting, Congress estimated that Ashok Gehlot’s government had the support of 106 deputies, the majority of the 200 member states.


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