Russia to start phase 3 trial of COVID-19 vaccine in mid-August: report


Human trials of the Gamaleya Institute vaccine began on June 18. (Representation)


Russian institute developing one of the country’s potential coronavirus vaccines hopes to start end-phase testing in a small segment of the general public in mid-August, RIA news agency reported on Monday, according to the institute’s director. .

Globally, out of 19 COVID-19 vaccines in experimental human trials, only two are in the final phase of phase III – one by the Chinese Sinopharm and the other by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford . Chinese Sinovac Biotech is slated to become the third later this month.

The first results of the first small-scale human trial of the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow have shown that it can be used safely, according to a separate report from RIA on Sunday.

“Between August 14 and 15, I hope, the small amount of vaccine that we should be able to produce will go into public circulation,” said Alexander Ginsburg, director of the institute.

This will be equivalent to a phase III trial, as people receiving the vaccine will remain under surveillance, RIA reported, citing Ginsburg.

Phase I and Phase II trials typically test the safety of a drug before it enters phase III trials that test its effectiveness on a larger group of volunteers.

Human trials of the Gamaleya Institute vaccine began on June 18, with nine volunteers receiving a dose and nine others testing the potential booster dose.

The group had no significant side effects and is due to be released from hospital on Wednesday, RIA reported on Sunday, citing a director of Sechenov University in Moscow where the trial was held.

“The data currently available … show that the volunteers have developed an immune response to the coronavirus vaccine,” said the Defense Ministry, involved in the trials, on Monday, quoted by RIA. On June 23, 20 other volunteers received the vaccine at a military hospital.

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