Rock-Ballad Tanhaai by Tulsi Kumar is out now


Tulsi Kumar in Tanhaai.

Strong points

  • Tanhaai was composed by Sachet-Parampara
  • It also includes Zain Imam
  • The lyrics of the song were given by Sayeed Quadri lyrics.

Tulsi Kumar is at the peak of his career as the artist has always delivered successful music back to back and gave his fans a lot to look forward to, during this difficult time of lockdown. Acing the Pop music space in 2020 his recent collaborations like Tere Naal, Zara Thehro, Naam generated a lot of love from the public. The popular singer now presents her new single Tanhaai a song that is close to his heart and that falls within the pop-rock genre. T-Series and composer duo Sachet – Parampara, who introduced rock ballad songs to the industry with Bekhayali to Kabir Singh bring another intense song Tanhaai in the same genre with lyrics by Sayeed Quadri.

This rock ballad which took 4 months to create offers the public a new facet of Tulsi Kumar’s personality. Raw, real and filled with emotion, the music video starring Tulsi and Zain Imam and directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli, sees Tulsi growing up as an artist and performer with an array of emotions ranging from joy to sadness. to the intense. The singer herself conceptualized the video and therefore was able to relate to the character in the video and drew emotions from her own experiences as an artist. She went through a preparation session and participated in workshops to be faithful to her character in the song. So, apart from the stellar voices, audiences can expect a powerful performance from Tulsi as a performer.

Tanhaai because a song is extremely close to the heart of Tulsi because it relates to almost every situation in our life, because we all go through issues at different stages and may feel lonely at some point, but even at the lowest we have to stay strong and positive. life is the best teacher and every moment is an opportunity ready to be used to its full potential. About the song, Tulsi Kumar says, “Independent music gives an artist the creative freedom to define themselves. I wanted to make a single that was in a very different and unique space, something soulful with touching lyrics but at the same time a pop. -rock vibe and relatable with the young people of today. Sachet-Parampara understood my vision and succeeded in achieving it with Tanhaai. They’re both extremely talented and our energy and vibe really match up, so it was a great experience working on this song with them as a team. “

She adds: “When you sing for a movie you sing for a character, but here in the independent musical space you are the character and you also have the freedom as an artist to be creative, in how and what. that you want to express through your From the moment I decided to make this single, I had a thought process in my mind and viewing the video. So from its directing, its conceptualization, right through to the shooting, I was personally involved in all aspects with my director Sneha Shetty Kohli, which is why ‘Tanhaaiis extremely close to my heart. “

Duo of composers Sachet – Parampara adds, “TanhaaI have been a trip for us. Every song we do, we keep our heart on the creation and leave the rest to the audience to decide. We presented Tulsi Kumar very differently in this song. As far as we know we’ve never seen her in this rigorous rock avtaar before … It’s been a wonderful learning experience and many ups and downs composing this song. With the great vision of Bhushan Sir, beautiful words of Sayeed Quadru Ji, shattering voices of Tulsi Kumar and our music, we will make Tanhaai a milestone. “

Director Sneha Shetty Kohli says, “Needless to say I had a great time working with Tulsi. It’s always amazing to work with an artist who has a vision. My job was to turn her vision into something beautiful on screen so people can connect and experience the spirit of the artists during the 5 minutes they give us to watch our work. Tanhaai was also a new path for me as I am known for my hardcore commercial dance videos my previous videos. Tanhaai is a moving journey for everyone who has been in love. “

Bringing another intense song after Bekhayali, T-series Bhushan Kumar says, “The rock ballad genre is still very new and fresh in the Indian music scene and ‘Tanhaai’ will definitely make the genre more popular. The whole team at Sachet -Parampara, Tulsi, Sayeed Quadri and Sneha brought Tanhaai on life with their hard work and passion. “

T-Series presents Tulsi Kumar’s new single ‘Tanhaai“. Directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli, the pop-rock song stars Tulsi Kumar and Zain Imam. Composed by Sachet-Parampara with lyrics by Sayeed Quadri, ‘Tanhaaiis now available on the T-Series YouTube channel.

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