Rahul Gandhi slams Nitish Kumar after woman allegedly burns alive in Bihar


Rahul Gandhi hit on Nitish Kumar in a tweet this morning. (File)


Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked the NDA government in Bihar over a woman allegedly burned to death and accused Nitish Kumar’s dispensation of “hiding” the incident for “electoral gains” .

Along with his tweet attacking the state government, Gandhi shared a media report claiming that the incident of burning a young woman alive in Vaishali was kept under wraps during the elections. The woman died after fighting for life in a hospital for 15 days, according to the report.

“Which crime is more dangerous? Who committed this inhuman act or who hid it for electoral gain in order to lay the foundations of its false ‘good governance’ on this ‘bad administration’?” Mr Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet.


According to media reports, the woman was harassed by a man in her village who, along with his friends, burned her alive.


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