Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 10 great quotes on the economy, made in India, made for the world


We focus entirely on growth-oriented reforms: PM Modi

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on Tuesday at the annual session of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and said that India will definitively return to economic growth as the government continues its various reforms. Prime Minister Modi said the government has taken tough steps to fight the coronavirus pandemic and that his government is now focusing on reviving the economy by gradually allowing businesses to start up.

  • Confident India will resume its growth. I trust India’s capabilities to deal with the coronavirus crisis. I trust the talent and technology, innovation and intellect of India. I trust our farmers, our SMEs and our entrepreneurs. This is why I say yes, India will regain its growth
  • India moves closer to boost economic growth
  • To make India self-sufficient five things are necessary: ​​intention, innovation, investment, inclusion, infrastructure
  • I would prefer to go beyond “Recovering growth” and say: “Yes, we will certainly find our growth”
  • For us, reforms mean having the courage to make bold decisions and to ensure that they are implemented within a set time.
  • India must reduce its dependence on imports and ensure that we manufacture products in India. Products must now be “Made in India” and “Made for the world”
  • Must first build a strong local supply chain and then help India play a key role in the global supply chain
  • We are constantly working to create an ecosystem favorable to investment and business
  • MSME Lakhs in India are driving India’s overall growth
  • Today, the rest of the world holds India in high esteem and has confidence in our country. The world is looking for a trusted partner. India has the potential and the capacity to guarantee that we are this partner.


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