Prime Minister Narendra Modi said our scientists are making every effort to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is working on two or three possible vaccines.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stressed the need to remain vigilant against the coronavirus, saying all safety measures must be observed until a vaccine against the contagion is found. In a special address to the nation as the festival season begins, Prime Minister Modi said: “Until the moment we get a vaccine, we absolutely cannot be satisfied with the pandemic.”

India, he said, is working on two or three possible vaccines and “we are doing our best to get a vaccine, like the rest of the world.” “I want to let you know that once we receive a vaccine, everyone will receive it in a planned, gradual and rapid manner,” he added.

Data from the Department of Health shows coronavirus figures have declined over the past two weeks, but a central medical panel has warned that a peak can be expected with the festival season and the onset of winter. there is laxity in the observance. security measures.

It can go up to “26 lakh cases in a month,” the committee said, adding that only 30 percent of the population had developed immunity so far.

The committee said its apprehensions are confirmed by the situation in Kerala, where after the recent Onam festival, a sharp increase in daily Covid figures was observed.

The peak began on September 8 – days after the Onam celebrations which ran from August 22 to September 2.

The likelihood of infection increased by 32% and the effectiveness of the medical response fell by 22% for Kerala in September, the committee said.

PM Modi observed today that with the start of the holiday season, people appear to have relaxed their vigilance regarding COVID-19.

“Recent videos show that people are becoming very lax with the precautions we take. The videos show that people are irresponsible and do not take the recommended action to a very large extent. This cannot happen,” he said. he declares.

“We must not think that things are normal again. You are putting yourself, your families, children and the elderly in your home in serious danger by not taking the necessary precautions,” added the Prime Minister.


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