Poll body in Madhya Pradesh


Cancel transfer orders as model code in place: Madhya Pradesh government voting body

New Delhi:

The Election Commission on Thursday ordered the Madhya Pradesh government to reverse transfer orders for 12 roommates and deputies that were issued after the model code of conduct before the circumvention came into effect.

In Madhya Pradesh, 28 assembly by-elections are scheduled for November 3.

“It was brought to the attention of (the) Commission that these transfers were made during the period of the Model Code of Conduct (October 8),” the Election Commission said in a statement.

The Commission discussed the matter at length and after taking into account the recommendation of the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh, ordered the state government to cancel these transfers with immediate effect, she said.

“The Commission reiterated that in the event that an electoral district has an urgent need to fill a vacant post during the application of the Model Code of Conduct, the State Government, in consultation with the Chief Electoral Officer, Madhya Pradesh , will send a group of relevant officials for the Commission ‘consideration and approval,’ he said.

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