People can ask for the PM’s resignation if the issues are not resolved


Sanjay Raut said there was a limit to people’s patience. (File)


Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said on Sunday people could demand the resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi if issues such as job losses are not addressed.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 10 crore people lost their livelihood and the crisis affected 40 crore families, Mr Raut said in his weekly column “ Rokthok ” in the spokesperson for Shiv Sena “ Saamana ”.

Middle class wage earners lost their jobs, while commerce and industry suffered losses of around Rs four lakh crore, said member Rajya Sabha.

“There is a limit to the patience of the people. They cannot survive on hope and assurance alone. Even the Prime Minister will agree that even though Lord Ram’s ‘vanvas’ (exile) has ended , the current situation is difficult. No one has ever done it. felt so insecure about their life, “Mr. Raut said.

“Israel is witnessing protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and there are demands for his resignation for the failure of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis. India could also witness it,” a- he declared.

Searching the Center, Mr. Raut listed his “measures” to contain the coronavirus situation and the “economic crisis”.

He said Article 144 (prohibition orders) had been imposed around the Ambala Air Force station to protect the five Rafale planes (when they arrived from France recently).

Before the Rafale, Sukhoi and MiG planes arrived in India, such a “celebration” never took place, he said.

“Will Rafale planes with the capacity to carry bombs and missiles be able to destroy the unemployment crisis and the economic challenges?” Asked Mr. Raut.

Hitting the Center, he said that attempts had been made to destabilize the Gehlot (congressional-led) government in Rajasthan, and that there was a possibility of the imposition of presidential power there.

Mr Raut noted that BJP chief Pragya Thakur said the daily recitation of “ Hanuman Chalisa ” would rid the world of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also pointed out that gold prices have reached 51,000 rupees per “tola” (one tola is equivalent to 10g).

Mr. Raut further noted that BJP chairman JP Nadda said his party “will come to power alone in Maharashtra”. “Nobody talks about a crisis, about jobs. It’s easy to say that the crisis gives rise to opportunities. But nobody knows how people deal with the crisis,” said the head of Shiv Sena.


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