Over 18,000 Covid cases in 24 hours for the first time; 5.08 Total cases at Lakh


New Delhi:
Six days after recording four lakh infections, India’s COVID-19 count exceeded five lakh today with the highest one-day jump of 18,552 cases, according to Ministry of Health data from The union. 384 deaths from COVID-19 were also reported during the period, bringing the total number of victims of the virus to 15,685. The number of active cases amounted to 1,977,387, while 2,95880 people died. restored and that a patient has migrated, according to the updated figure at 8 am. India crossed the 5 lakh figure on Friday after the country reported its highest peak in a day of more than 17,000 cases. It took 149 days to cross the five lakh mark. India has recorded more than 14,000 cases in the past eight days.

Here are 10 points on the situation of the coronavirus in India:

  1. Maharashtra continues to be the most affected state with 1.52,765 infections and 7,106 deaths from the virus. The state has a positivity rate of 17.52% and a mortality rate of 4.65%.

  2. Delhi, which has overtaken Mumbai as the most affected city in the country, has reported 77,240 cases of croronavirus. 2,492 deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in the national capital, struggling with a shortage of COVID-19 beds. A gigantic exercise will begin in the city-state starting today to determine the spread of coronavirus disease. The serological survey – part of the new COVID-19 response plan – should help officials prepare a broad pandemic response strategy.

  3. Tamil Nadu, ranked third on the list of coronaviruses in India, reported 74,622 cases and 957 deaths.

  4. On Friday, West Bengal recorded its largest one-day increase in COVID-19 cases, registering 542 new infections, bringing the number to 16,190. A total of 10,535 patients recovered from their respiratory illness, according to a bulletin published by the health department.

  5. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Haryana reached 12,884 on Friday, with 421 people tested positive in the past 24 hours. With 13 deaths, the number of deaths was 211, according to official government data.

  6. Delhi, Chennai, Thane, Mumbai, Palghar, Pune, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Ahmedabad and Faridabad are 10 cities and districts which have contributed to 54.47% of the total cases in the country. Delhi, earlier this month, overtook Mumbai to be the most affected city in India.

  7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Yogi Adityanath for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday. Uttar Pradesh chief minister’s extensive and extensive preparations have saved at least 85,000 lives, said Prime Minister Modi. “England, France, Italy and Spain – these countries both conquered the world and were the greatest powers in the world, but if you add up the populations of all these countries, that’s 24 crores, but in India, UP alone has 24 crore. The effectiveness of UP has been demonstrated by the fact that the four European nations have together made 1 30 000 deaths due to COVID-19. But in UP, the number of deaths is 600 “, did he declare.

  8. Amid an increase in the total number of coronavirus cases, Assam announced Friday a “total lockdown” in Guwahati starting Monday for the next two weeks. The Minister of Health of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, advised the people of the state to obtain essential products, since no establishment other than hospitals and medical stores will be authorized to open. “A total lockout will be observed in the Kamrup district (metro) for two weeks from Sunday midnight. For the first seven days, only pharmacies and hospitals will be open. Everything else will be closed,” he said. declared.

  9. The most affected coronavirus states – Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra – will receive the first batch of the generic version of the experimental drug COVID-19 Remdesivir, which is manufactured in India by the Hyderabad-based drug manufacturer Hetero.

  10. India has the fourth highest number of coronavirus cases among the 10 countries most affected by coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 4.89 lakh people worldwide since its first detection in China last December. More than 96.04 lakh people have been infected with the highly contagious virus worldwide.


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