North Korea warns Seoul to abandon absurd denuclearization talk


North’s foreign chief denounced Seoul for trying to “meddle” in the statement. (File)


North Korea released another angry statement on Seoul on Saturday, this time pardoning it for “absurd” statements on the stalled dialogue over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons.

South Korea has been the target of a recent wave of angry statements from the North, which has accused Seoul of allowing defectors to put up leaflets criticizing leader Kim Jong Un on its territory.

The latest statement was made in response to an official from the South Korean Foreign Ministry who said that Seoul would continue “its denuclearization efforts”, referring to the long-standing nuclear talks between the states. States and North Korea.

“It is really absurd to hear the baldness of the South Korean authorities … who have no qualifications to discuss, or … make fun of the issues between” Pyongyang and Washington, Kwon Jong Gun, northern foreign affairs official in charge of negotiations with the United States, said in a statement.

Kwon denounced Seoul for trying to “meddle” in the process in the statement, which was released by the official North Korean news agency KCNA and concluded with the warning: “Better stop nonsense to talk about denuclearization. “

The revelation came a day after Pyongyang issued a pungent denunciation by the United States on the occasion of the second anniversary of a historic summit in Singapore where US President Donald Trump shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un .

It contained some of the harshest criticism that Pyongyang has sent to Washington in recent months and cast doubt on the long-deadlocked future of the nuclear negotiation process.

Kwon doubled this position in Saturday’s statement, saying that North Korea “will continue to strengthen our forces to overcome the persistent threats from the United States.”

Inter-Korean relations have stalled since the collapse of the second North American summit in Hanoi last February, with an impasse on the concessions that Washington was ready to offer in exchange for denuclearization measures in Pyongyang.

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