No restrictions on access to any website in Jammu and Kashmir: Center


No access restrictions to any site, including social media sites, Center said (Representative)

New Delhi:

There are no restrictions on access to any website, including social media sites, in Jammu and Kashmir, Lok Sabha reported on Sunday.

Minister of State for Union House G Kishan Reddy said mobile data services are currently limited to 2G speed in all but two districts in Union territory.

“There are no restrictions on access to sites, including social media sites,” he said in a written response.

Mr Reddy said internet services are already available in Kashmir on landline (without any speed restrictions) as well as mobile data services (at 2G speed) since January 24, 2020.

He said that restrictions on access to social media sites were also lifted on March 4, 2020. In addition, high-speed mobile data services were also launched in the districts of Ganderbal (Kashmir Division) and D ‘Udhampur (Division of Jammu) with effect from August 16, 2020..

The minister said landline internet connectivity was available without any speed restrictions, with a Mac link.

He said businesses had access to the internet through fixed connectivity and open internet hotspots in large numbers in the valley without any speed restrictions.

Mr Reddy also informed the Lower House that the speed of 2G mobile internet was not an obstacle to COVID control measures, including the dissemination of information to the general public as well as to health workers.

In addition, he said, online learning apps and online education / learning websites of Indian government and J&K government are accessible on the 2G internet for downloading e-books and e-learning. ‘other study materials.

In addition, the restriction of mobile broadband internet services has not been an obstacle to the administration of justice and the courts have taken special measures to conduct their proceedings during the pandemic by providing video / URL links to lawyers and litigants, “said the minister. said.

In view of the general security scenario and in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the Government of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir from time to time issues ordinances regulating the services of telecommunication and internet according to the applicable rules and principles set out and instructions contained in the judgment of the Supreme Court of India, “he added.

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