Nitish Kumar, BJP win elections in Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav’s biggest RJD party


The BJP had won in the Bihar Assembly polls for the NDA even as the count for 50 seats was underway

After more than 14 hours of countdown, numerous twists and allegations of cheating, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the BJP was announced the winner of the Bihar Assembly election in the (very) early hours Wednesday morning. Boosted by several rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the NDA reached the majority bar of 122 at 2:57 a.m.

According to data on the Election Commission website, the BJP won 72 seats to become the main member of its alliance with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s JDU, which only managed 42.

The opposition, led by Tejashwi Yadav of the RJD, fought vigorously but ultimately failed. However, with 75 seats, the RJD is the largest party. Congress, seen by many as the reason for the opposition’s failure to go all the way, contested 70 seats but won only 19. Chirag Paswan’s LJP, which was the source of many frustration for Nitish Kumar, won only one seat.

Here are the live updates of the Bihar 2020 election result:

The RJD became the largest party in the assembly with 75 seats. Its share of the vote (23.03%) was also the highest of any party in the election.

The opposition Grand Alliance did not hit the magic target. The total number of seats won by all of its five constituents was 110.

Nitish Kumar and BJP win Bihar Cliffhanger


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