NIA Arrests Key Accused in Jharkhand Terrorist Financing Case


The NIA searched and seized property worth 90 lakh rupees (File)

New Delhi:

The NIA has arrested a key accused in the PLFI terrorist financing case for his alleged involvement in the conversion of extortion money to legitimate means using a dubious company, an official said.

Fuleshwar Gope, 44, a resident of Gumla district in Jharkhand, was arrested on Monday, said an NIA spokesperson.

The case, filed under the relevant provisions of the IPC, the UA (P) Law and the Law amending the Criminal Law, concerns the seizure of 25.38 lakh rupees from Dinesh Gope, chief of the PLFI (People’s Liberation) from India), a banned Maoist organization from Jharkhand, he said.

The money was about to be deposited in a bank in Ranchi by Dinesh associates on November 10, 2016, but four defendants were arrested on the same day and the case was charged on January 9, 2017, a indicated the manager.

The NIA, after opening the investigation into the case on January 19, 2018, arrested six other accused, carried out searches and seized property worth 90 lakh rupees and other incriminating documents, he said. he declares.

The bail of the four defendants was quashed and the first additional indictment in the case was filed on October 21, 2019 against the 10 accused arrested and one missing accused – Dinesh, the official said.

During further investigation, Hines Devi and Sakuntala Kumari, two wives of Dinesh, were arrested on January 30, 2020 and his two associates – Jaiprakash Singh Bhuiya and Amit Deswal were arrested on March 2, he said. declared.

Fuleshwar had plotted with Dinesh and formed a dubious company named – M / s Shiv Shaktisamridhhi Infra Pvt. Ltd – in partnership with Dinesh’s first wife, Hira Devi, for channeling the amount of the extorted levy in legitimate ways by depositing it in the bank account of said dubious company, said the NIA official.

The company has become a front-end enterprise to legitimize the amounts of the levies collected by Dinesh and to invest them in properties, he said.

The profit made by the company was to be used to continue the terrorist activities of the PLFI, said the NIA official.

Fuleshwar Gope was produced before an NIA special court in Ranchi which placed him in pre-trial detention four days from the NIA.

A further investigation into the matter was under way.


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