Minister Amit Shah Declares There Is No Community Transmission Of COVID-19 Coronavirus In Delhi


Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, India will win both wars, said Amit Shah.

New Delhi:

Interior Minister Amit Shah said today that there is no community-wide transmission of coronavirus in Delhi and that the remark by Manish Sisodia‚Äôs chief deputy minister in Delhi that the national capital reaching 5.5 lakh of COVID-19 cases by the end of July has created “fear” among the population.

In an interview with the ANI news agency, the head of the BJP said that a series of measures had been taken to contain the virus and that multi-agency meetings had been organized to improve coordination at different levels.

Here are the highlights of Amit Shah’s interview:

  • On the coronavirus: Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India will win both wars. The government has fought well against coronavirus. I cannot advise Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, it is the job of his party leaders. Some people are “vakradrashti“(hostile point of view) – they see badly even in good things. India has fought well against COVID-19 and our figures are much better compared to the world.
  • On the COVID-19 cases from Delhi: There is no such situation (community transmission of coronavirus) in Delhi today, there is no need to worry.
  • There is coordination … The Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, is always kept informed. He is also involved in decision making. Some political statements could have been made, but this had no impact on decision-making. A coordination meeting was called and a number of decisions, including tests on all individuals in the containment areas, were made.
  • On Rahul Gandhi’s tweets: We are capable of handling anti-Indian propaganda, but it is painful when the former president of a large party (Rahul Gandhi) engages in superficial politics during a crisis. It is a matter of introspection for him and his party that their hashtag be encouraged by Pakistan and China. (On Rahul Gandhi’s “Surender Modi” tweet.)
  • In case of emergency: After Indira Gandhi, was there a president of the Congress outside the Gandhi family? What democracy are they talking about? I did not make any policies during COVID-19. You can watch my tweets from the past 10 years, every June 25, I make a statement. People should remember the emergency because it attacked the roots of our democracy. No political worker or citizen should forget. There should be an awareness about this. It is not a party but an attack on the country’s democracy.
  • On migrants: Since the lockout started, Prime Minister Modi and I have spoken to all of the chief ministers and told them to make arrangements for accommodation and food for the migrants. Arrangements have been made for approximately 2.5 crore of people. About Rs 11,000 crore from the National Disaster Relief Fund has been transferred to the states. It was guaranteed that hospitals and quarantine centers were operational in the receiving States. Shortly thereafter, the PM decided to manage the “Shramik Special” train services, and so far, approximately 63 lakh migrants have traveled on 4,594 trains.
  • Sad incidents have happened … when people have lost patience and started to travel on foot, we have also suffered. The Prime Minister had ordered all chief ministers to drive buses to transport migrants walking to the nearest stations. So far, about 1.20 crore people have been transported by ferry to their country of origin.
  • On hospitals: We improved the COVID-19 survey in each neighborhood. On June 14, there were 9,937 COVID-19 hospital beds in Delhi. Approximately 30,000 beds will be available by June 30 and 8,000 beds will be available in rail coaches, while another 8,000 will be added. The DRDO is setting up a dedicated hospital with 250 intensive care beds. ITBP will run the 10,000-bed COVID-19 Radha Soami Satsang Beas center.


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