Mayawati says stand with BJP on China and has sharp words for Congress


Mayawati criticized center for daily fuel price hikes (File)

New Delhi:

Mayawati, the Uttar Pradesh politician, is the last opposition leader to let go of her animosity towards the ruling BJP and express her support for the tension in China. In a statement today, she alleged “the politics of the BJP and Congress”, which she said was very worrying.

“The Bahujan Samaj party stands alongside the Bharatiya Janata party on the issue of the Indo-Chinese border. “said the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

“China can take advantage of this situation. Other problems are being overlooked and the citizens of our country are losing because of such policies,” she said.

The leader of the BSP said his party was formed due to the failure of Congress to do anything for neglected sections of the population, including backward castes and tribes, when he was in power. “I want to tell the BJP and Congress that the BSP is no toy for anyone. It is an independent party formed at the national level.”

Aiming at a particularly violent attack on Congress against the crisis of migrants stranded away from home by the coronavirus lock, Mayawati said that if the party had done something for the migrants, they would not have gone to different states to look for job. “The BJP should learn something from Congress and should not repeat what it has done. They will have to work very hard to make India”Atmanirbhar“(stand-alone) advertising isn’t everything,” said Mayawati, also criticizing the center for daily increases in fuel prices.

The burning attack on Mayawati marks a further isolation of Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi over the crisis on the border with China, where 20 soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese troops on June 15.

At a recent multi-stakeholder meeting, where most opposition leaders said they would stand alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi over China, Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi appeared as the only voice raising questions difficult.

On Friday, comments by Congress chief Priyanka Gandhi Vadra appeared to target these leaders. “I am the granddaughter of Indira Gandhi, not an undeclared spokesperson for the BJP like some of the opposition leaders,” she tweeted.

Among the opposition leaders expressing support for the government, the leader of the NCP, Sharad Pawar, a congressional ally in Maharashtra, was one of the most prominent.

“We cannot forget what happened in 1962 when China occupied 45,000 km2 of our territory. At the moment, I don’t know if they occupied land, but when discussing this, we must remember of national security should not be politicized, “said Pawar on Sunday, referring to the clash between India and China during the reign of Congress icon Jawaharlal Nehru in what is considered a fairly direct message to Rahul Gandhi.


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