Madhya Pradesh identified with mafia under BJP regime, says Kamal Nath


Kamal Nath was addressing a campaign rally in the village of Pal Kankaia in Sanver constituency. (FILE)


Former chief minister and top congressional leader Kamal Nath said on Friday that mafia and adultery were thriving in Madhya Pradesh under the BJP government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan as industries crumbled.

Bypasses to 28 seats in the Parliamentary Assembly are scheduled for November 3 and Mr Nath was addressing a campaign rally in the village of Pal Kankaia in the constituency of Sanver.

“The chief minister kneels down on the platform and calls people his god, but his god is the mafia. He shouldn’t deceive people,” Nath said.

“Under the BJP regime, the MP is identified with the Mafia, adulteration, etc., while state industries have been totally ruined,” Nath said, adding that his government, in its reign of 15 months, had pursued adultery under the “shuddh ke liye yuddh” (war for purity).

Accusing Mr Chouhan of regularly lying in politics, Mr Nath said the BJP said his government did not give up on agricultural loans, but then accepted in the state assembly that 27 lakh farmers had benefited. radiation, and “Chouhan’s lie has been caught”.

Mr Nath said the Center was trying to “privatize” agricultural commodity mandis with its new laws, adding that if Congress returned to power after the bypolls, it would pass a law criminalizing the purchase of commodities below the MSP.

Mr Nath said Chief Minister Chouhan should prove the former is an industrialist by showing any industry on his behalf.

Mr Nath said he allocated maximum budget to the state when he was Union minister of urban development and transport, and asked Mr Chouhan how much the state got from these ministries after the BJP came to power at the Center in 2014.

He said Mr. Chouhan was “such a good actor” that he could give film superstars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan a run for their money, and advised the BJP leader to take his chances in Bollywood “and make the name of Madhya Pradesh popular in the movies “.

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