Lounges reopen in Maharashtra after more than 3 months


A hairdresser in a salon said, “We’re going to use gloves, disinfectant, and try to keep our distance.”


Maharashtra’s hair salons reopened today, after more than three months of shutters closed due to the coronavirus-induced lockout.

The government of Maharashtra had issued a notification to reopen salons in the state as part of its “ Mission to restart phase IV ”.

Shahid Hussain, owner of a salon, told ANI news agency: “We will record customers’ temperatures and provide them with hand sanitizers when they enter our store. We will use a new towel and a new one. seat for each customer. “

Hairdressers will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) kits such as masks and gloves.

“The products to be used and discarded will be used. Without prior appointment, we will not take care of any customers. We will only use four to five people at most,” he said.

A store barber said, “We will use gloves, disinfectant and try to keep our distance.”

According to government notification, hair salons, salons and beauty salons will only be allowed to operate by appointment. And only certain services such as haircutting, hair dyeing, filleting, etc. are allowed. Skin related services will not be authorized at this time. This should be prominently displayed in all stores.

The ordinance also stipulated that salons should comply with standard operating procedures (SOPs) for hygiene and cleanliness, and that employees should wear protective equipment, including gloves, aprons and masks.

Maharashtra’s Minister of Relief and Rehabilitation, Vijay Wadettiwar, said that at a state cabinet meeting on Thursday, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray agreed to allow trade shows to be reopened in accordance with the SOPs on the hygiene and cleanliness.

The salon operators had demanded that they be allowed to do their business, or the government would provide them with a financial package, the minister said in his video message.

For the second consecutive day, Maharashtra has registered more than 5,000 cases of COVID-19, bringing the state’s balance sheet to 1,593,133. Mumbai has registered 1,400 new cases, bringing the city’s number to 74 252.


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