Kamala Harris Chat With Her Grandniece Wins The Internet


Kamala Harris could become the first vice president-elect of the United States, black and Asian-American.

New Delhi:

In an adorable video shared by Meena Harris, the niece of the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Kamala Harris is seen with a baby girl – supposed to be her grand-niece – reassuring the child “you could be the president.”

In the 12-second video, Kamala Harris’s great-niece, sitting on her lap with a black mask, is heard telling her great-aunt that she wants to be “president.”

Kamala nods and responds by saying, “You could be president, but not now. You must be over 35 years old. ”

To that, the little girl replies, “Yeah, but I can be president astronaut.”

“The conversation went on like this for an hour,” Meena Harris wrote sharing the 12-second clip that was enjoyed by over 90,000 people with adoration and inspirational comments pouring in.

The video comes as U.S. Democrat Joe Biden edged closer to White House victory, widening his lead over President Donald Trump in the battlefield states of Pennsylvania and Georgia even as Republicans sought to raise $ 60 million dollars to fund lawsuits challenging the results.


A victory for Democrats in the 2020 U.S. presidential election will make history as Ms. Harris would become the U.S., black and Asian-American first vice president-elect.

Born to immigrant parents, Harris has often cited the struggles of her Indian-born mother as inspiration. “What are you going to do about it?” Heard the 55-year-old repeat her mother’s words at numerous campaign rallies, saying the question helped her run for president .

Ms Harris was a presidential contender until last year before dropping out of the race due to lack of popular support. She returned to the forefront of the political scene after Joe Biden chose her as running mate.

Ms Harris, whose father is of Jamaican descent, was seen as the rallying point for the minority and women in an election led by Democrats for “justice and equality” amid growing racial divide and hate crimes in the United States. Other key poll programs include handling the coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis, healthcare and climate change.

The 2020 edition of the U.S. election has been hotly contested, with the highest number of Americans voting in a century amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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