Imarti devi, minister described as “object” by Kamal Nath, banned from campaigning


The Election Commission on Saturday banned Imarti Devi from campaigning for a day.

BJP leader Imarti Devi – the Madhya Pradesh minister who was called a “point” by former chief minister Kamal Nath, a remark that sparked widespread outrage – was banned on Saturday by the Election Commission from campaigning in the state for a day. She has been accused of making objectionable comments against some women who are family members of a rival candidate in the state linked to the poll.

The development comes after Kamal Nath, the top congressional leader in Madhya Pradesh, sparked controversy by calling the BJP leader an “element” in a voting rally.

“The Commission, under Article 324 of the Constitution of India and all other enabling powers in that name, also prohibits Imarti Devi from holding meetings anywhere in Madhya Pradesh public processions, public processions, public gatherings, tours and interviews in the media (electronic, print, social media), in the context of the current elections for a day on November 1, “says the order of the organ electoral.

The polling station had previously issued a notice to Imarti Devi for allegedly branding one of his rivals “mad” and for making remarks against some members of his family.

The committee said it had carefully considered the matter and was of the opinion that Imarti Devi “had violated the provisions … of general conduct of the Model Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates and did not take into account the opinion issued by the committee. “

The commission informed Kamal Nath on Monday of his controversial remarks.

On Friday, the polling station revoked Kamal Nath’s “star activist” status for repeated violations of the model code. The former chief minister on Saturday challenged the polling station’s decision to the Supreme Court.

The campaign for the 28 Assembly seats en route to the bypass in Madhya Pradesh on November 3 ends on November 1 (Sunday) evening.


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