I take my father’s name


Tejashwi Yadav claims to have participated in more than 200 rallies during his campaign.


Tejashwi Yadav, whose successful rallies have been the subject of the Bihar campaign, says the election “will surprise everyone”. But Rashtriya leader Janata Dal (RJD), 31, the main opposition ministerial candidate, also says he has nothing to lose by visiting Bihar to cover as much ground as possible, often addressing to a dozen meetings a day.

“I have nothing to lose. I’m happy to have fought on good issues. I am old on my side. I’m going to try hard, work more, ”Tejashwi Yadav told GalacticGaming, asking if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign – or any other factor – is making him nervous ahead of the November 10 Bihar results.

The Prime Minister had nicknamed him “Jungle Raj ka yuvraj (prince of jungle Raj) “last week.

The RJD leader deftly tackles whether he has strayed from the 15-year reign of his father Lalu Yadav and mother Rabri Devi – generally seen as an era in Bihar associated with corruption and criminality crawling.

RJD founder Lalu Yadav, who is serving prison time for corruption during his years as chief minister, is rarely seen on a Tejashwi poster.

“I’m taking my father’s name. But I have to talk about what I can offer. My father’s era was one of social justice, now is the time of economic justice. You can’t provide the economic justice without social justice, “he said.

After his Lok Sabha campaign failed last year, Tejashwi rode a moped for months, or at least it seemed, as there was mostly Patna’s MIA left.

Over the past year, the learning curve for new lawmakers has been steep. His promise of 10 lakh government jobs forced seasoned NDA leaders to respond and the BJP to match its own offer of 19 lakh job opportunities.

Thakau bhashan nahin denge … seedhe muddde ki baat karenge. Kitna Berozgar Ho log? (Won’t give boring speeches, I’ll get right to the point. How many of you are out of work?) ”He says, and the crowd goes wild.

Padai (education), kamai (jobs), Dawai (health), sichai (Farmers), mehngai (inflation). These are the problems here, but the PM doesn’t talk about them …Ek Bihari, sab by bhaari (a Bihari makes everyone nervous), ”yells Yadav junior, displaying flashes of his father’s mass appeal rally after rally.

Every day he begins his campaign with comments to the media about Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, his former boss: “He is too tired, he can no longer run Bihar”.

Nitish Kumar’s response to jibing in rallies has been fierce and unfiltered. He even swept aside Lalu Yadav’s nine children, wondering if this was the kind of Bihar the RJD wanted.

“No one expected Nitish Kumar to stoop to this level. I call it a blessing, ”Tejashwi says.

He also has a response to the chief minister’s sweeps of his “inexperience” for even suggesting he can give 10 lakh jobs. “If I was so inexperienced, then why did he appoint me as chief deputy minister?”

Tejashwi says he participated in more than 200 rallies during his campaign. “My father’s record was 16 in one day. I once attended 19 rallies, ”he smiles.

The rally is assisted by a helicopter at Rs 1 lakh per hour which, he insists, is paid for by the party.

“Even for a rally without a chair and / or tent, we get an income tax notice. So we should report helicopters. Some people (NDA) use 30 helicopters. Nobody asks them,” he comments -he.


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