“I hope our parents won’t read it”


Ayushmann and Tahira in a cute pic (courtesy tahirakashyap)

Strong points

  • “ The 12 Commandments of Being a Woman ” is Tahira Kashyap’s fourth book
  • “I just hope I hope I am ma-baap na padhe kitaab,” Ayushmann said
  • “You have such a beautiful and warm mind,” he said to Tahira.

New Delhi:

Ayushmann Khurrana dedicated a video to his wife Tahira Kashyap applauding her new book The 12 commandments of being a woman. In the video, he addressed Tahira and said, “What am I telling you about this girl. You have such a beautiful and warm mind, Tahira. I envy your way of thinking.” Ayushmann, known for his signature sense of humor, added a ROFL twist to his video and said: “The kind of revelations you made in this book are completely insane. I just hope humare ma-baap na padhe kitaab (I just hope our parents don’t read this book). “For those who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the book, Ayushmann said they can go ahead by any means.” Because it won’t be awkward for them for sure. “

Tahira shared the video on her wall with an equally hilarious caption: “Hot mind? Ok so… go to the gym right away… to check! What did you think? Workouts will always be at my own pace and space (especially in the head). Spin the whiskers for me next time. “

Tahira Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurrana, who celebrated 19 years together this year, got married in 2008 after dating for several years. Tahira also teased some of the “insane” revelations Ayushmann referred to in his article. Tahira said her “favorite hangout” was in cinemas while watching Shah Rukh Khan movies. The cover of The 12 commandments of being a woman presents a personal note from SRK, which reads: “I don’t know if I should be happy or offended that Tahira’s favorite place is in the movies while watching my movies. This wonderful book is full of many gems that are going to make you laugh as much as I do. “

The 12 commandments of being a woman is Tahira Kashyap’s fourth book as an author. She made her writing debut with I promise in 2011 and also the novel Souled Out to his credit. She also co-wrote the biography of her husband Ayushmann Khurrana Cracking The Code: My Bollywood Trip.


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