“I can’t wait to see you, hope that day will come soon,” BTS says


BTS ‘ Dynamite topped the Indian charts for 50 days after release. (Courtesy: Big Hit Entertainment)

Strong points

  • “We want to see our fans in India,” BTS said
  • “And show them our performance”, they added.
  • “We miss you, the Indian army,” BTS said

The global domination of BTS K-Pop stars continues. The seven member boy band have fans or “ armies ” all over the world and for the “ BTS army ” in India they had a special message an exclusive interview with Rohit Khilnani from GalacticGaming. “Namaste, we are BTS. Namaste“BTS said,” We miss you, the Indian Army. Last year, BTS became the first Asian, non-English-speaking music group to headline and sell Wembley Stadium in London. “We want to see our fans in India and show them our performances. We hope that day will come soon when this pandemic ends … We have heard that the ARMY in India has shown us a lot of love and support. We want to tell them that we can’t wait to see you too and hope that day comes soon enough. “

The pandemic, however, hasn’t slowed BTS in the least – they dropped their first English single, Dynamite, August 21. Dynamite topped the Indian charts for 50 days after release. Speaking to GalacticGaming, BTS said, “We know that many fans in India send us a lot of support and love. Thank you for listening and connecting with our music. We believe we connect on a deeper level through music that transcends language and barriers. Even though we can’t see each other at the moment, we want to tell you how grateful we are. “

“Thank you for the love and support, even though we didn’t go. It’s crazy days these days then. I don’t think we can say a single thing. If time goes by, and when all these crazy things are over, we want to be there and see all the armies in India, and having that energy together, dancing together, singing together. So we really mean namaste, to really be there and give our voice in person, ”BTS told GalacticGaming.

“See you in India,” they signed. New BTS album BE falls on November 20.

Watch BTS’s Exclusive GalacticGaming Interview Here:

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, includes RM, Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope. Their name is an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan which, translated from Korean, means “Bulletproof Scout Boys”. In 2017, the group announced that BTS would also stand for “ Beyond the Scene. ”


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