Here’s why Rice Kheer is being kept in moonlight on Kojagiri


Sharad Purnima 2020 Image: Kheer rice is traditionally offered to the goddess Lakshmi

Sharad Purnima is one of the most auspicious days for Hindu devotees in India. Sharad Purnima is known as Raas Purnima in the Brij or Brijbhoomi region, on both sides of the Yamuna River, with its center at Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. According to legends, Lord Krishna performed the dance of divine love or Maha-Raas sure Sharad Purnima. The devotees take a sacred dip in the river on this day and pray for happiness. Sharad Purnima is the only day of the year when the moon comes out with the sixteen Kalas or phases. In Hinduism, each kala is related to a different human nature and it is believed that Lord Krishna was born with all sixteen Kalas as he is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

According to, Purnima Tithi will start at 5:45 p.m. today and end at 8:18 p.m. on Saturday, October 31. Devotees worship Chandra or the Moon over Sharad Purnima. Married women are quick to observe and offer bhog of kheer rice to the gods. Devotees keep the kheer rice moonlight all night long and believe that the moon’s rays on Sharad Purnima have special healing qualities. The next day it is distributed as prasad. Keeping kheer rice under the moonlight is a traditional practice on Sharad Purnima.


Sharad Purnima 2020 Image: Keeping kheer rice under the light of the moon is a traditional practice on Sharad Purnima.

In Brijbhoomi, the celebrations of Sharad Purnima or Raas Purnima are very special. According to legends, on the night of Raas Purnima, Lord Krishna played Maha-Raas and the Gopis left their homes to dance with Krishna after hearing his flute.

In many states of India, Sharad Purnima is known as Kojagara Purnima when Kojagara Vrat or the Kaumudi Vrat Is observed. In West Bengal, Assam and parts of Orissa worship the Goddess Lakshmi during Kojagara Vrat.


Sharad Purnima 2020 Image: Goddess Lakshmi worshiped during Kojagari Purnima

Happy Sharad Purnima 2020: Greetings to Kojagari Laxmi Puja!


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