Government authorizes export of pink onions from Krishnapuram and Bangalore


The center made a condition that the onions should only be exported through the port of Chennai. (Representative)

New Delhi:

The Indian government on Friday authorized the export of Bangalore Rose onions and Krishnapuram onions of up to 10,000 tonnes each, until March 31 of next year.

The government has made it a condition that onions will only be exported through the port of Chennai.

Informing on the matter, Union Minister of Trade and Industry Piyush Goyal tweeted that the move would empower farmers and increase their incomes.

“Empowering farmers and increasing their incomes, the government allows the export of pink onions from Bangalore and Krishnapuram onions up to 10,000 tonnes each,” he said.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the exporter will need to obtain a certificate from the respective horticultural officials of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for the export of Bangalore pink onions and onions Krishnapuram respectively, certifying the quantity of onions exported.


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