Giant Screens, Online Darshan Among Calcutta Puja Plans


Durga Puja 2020 Image: Big Kolkata Puja organizers plan to have giant screens


The organizers of Durga Puja – especially the larger ones – are planning to install giant screens near the puja pandals for people to see the deity of Goddess Durga. The College Square Durga Puja committee said it plans to have giant screens, as the High Court’s amended order on Wednesday left revelers no chance to watch Durga’s deity under their marquee, even in 10 meters away. Others, however, have already made arrangements accordingly and welcomed the decision to allow 60 members of the organizing committee inside the pandal and said they would change arrangements for pushpanjali and sandhi puja adhere to court directives.

“We have locked all grounds in College Square as directed by the Kolkata police and turned off all lights on the water since Choturthi. Only 60 members of the puja committee will be allowed in, 45 at a time. We are sad but there is no other way out, ”Bikash Majumder, member of the College Square committee bureau Durga Puja told PTI news agency.

“We had already made arrangements for the virtual darshan as an alternative for those who stay at home. We are now planning to install a giant screen along College Street for revelers who don’t have access to smartphones or want to feel the vibe of the puja days, ”Mr. Majumdar said.

Debashis Kumar, board member of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and board member of the popular Tridhara Sammilani, said: “ We will not be able to allow people to walk by our roadside pandal and see the divinity. will be installed in front of the main entrance, we will install giant screens near our pandal along Rashbehari Avenue. “


Durga Puja 2020: Masks and maintaining social distancing will be crucial amid COVID-19

Regarding the court allowing 60 puja committee members, 45 at a time, inside the pandal, Mr. Kumar said: “Except the dhaki, priest and few people to assist him, there will be no one else in the pandal. In a locality where hundreds of people are involved in Durga Puja, choosing 60 people is not possible and will be discriminatory. “

Swarup Biswas, a member of Suruchi Sangha Puja’s office said, “We must follow the order of the High Hon’ble Court. We have planned a way out keeping in mind the feelings of the revelers and the protocols of COVID-19 security. ”He added that there were no plans to set up giant screens for digital broadcasting of the puja and they erected a barricade 10 meters from the main pandal.

Partha Ghosh, founding member of Forum For Durgotsab, a platform of around 400 Durga Pujas communities, said: “The High Court order has enabled more members of the organizing committee, including of the inhabitants, to enter the pandal. We appreciate this. When asked how anjali, sandhi puja and sindoor khela, which are an integral part of the rituals, will be allowed Mr. Ghosh said, “We will organize the rituals in small batches, following the standards of physical distance.”


Image Durga Puja 2020: A pandal puja in Calcutta being disinfected

Forum Secretary General Saswata Basu said: “We are disappointed. pujas in narrow lanes will have no visitors because the distance specified by the court to the pandals will not be achievable for them. We had also stored a large amount of disinfectants and masks, which will now be of little use. “Mr. Basu is associated with Hatibagan Sarbojonin, another puja.

The Calcutta High Court on Wednesday partially amended its ordinance on the Durga Pujas community, allowing drummers to perform in marquee “ no-go ” areas and increasing the number of people who can be present there for large pujas from 25 to 60. The judicial restrictions for the Durga Pujas are in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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